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Armen Movsesyan - Blues F (Jazz Guitar Lesson Excerpt)

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Excerpt from In The Style Of Armen Movsesyan

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Armen improvises over a Blues in F.

Armen-Gurgen Movsesyan was born in Sochi, Russia after his mother and father emigrated from Georgia during a war between Abkhazia. Raised in a musical Armenian family,
Movsesyan was exposed at an early age to traditional folk music.

Movsesyan decided to pick up the guitar later in his teens after over 10 years of classical piano education. Watching his father sing older popular standards
from around the globe while playing the guitar inspired Movsesyan to start writing songs at 15.

Later at the University of Southern California, Movsesyan got into jazz and hasn’t looked back. The music that Movsesyan writes now is a combination of jazz, metal and other fusion styles. He hopes to continue playing the music that he loves and perhaps even making a little money on the side.

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